"I believe that learning, playing, and performing should be enjoyable and expressive"

My goal is to contribute to my students’ knowledge of music and technical ability on their instrument, as well as encouraging their creativity and passion for music. I tailor every lesson to each individual student, no two people learn in the same way..

Besides learning songs and scales, my students will learn effective methods of practice, proper instrument and hand care, and other essential skills for an aspiring musician.

I give my students the tools, motivation, and confidence to practice and pursue music on their own time as well, outside of the classroom. I wholeheartedly encourage students to bring in music that interests them, although I also have a stockpile of popular and fun songs to pull from, each of which teaches different techniques at different levels.

Any time a student shows an interest in a new area or brings in music that’s unfamiliar to me, I take it as an opportunity to expand my own knowledge and skill. As such, I’ve learned and taught lessons on electric bass, ukulele, and keyboards as well as guitar. I’m comfortable in a multitude of styles: jazz, rock, classical, folk, funk, hip hop, reggae and more.

Most of all, I want to share my love of music with my students. I believe that learning, playing, and performing should be enjoyable and expressive.

- Rory Matthews, 2/2/2014

Education and Experience

Bachelor of Music, Studio/Jazz Guitar - Thornton School of Music, USC.

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